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These are some of the important resources we use here at CyberWVU:


CyberWVU participates in the following competitions:
  • CSAW
    • A worldwide, team-oriented Capture-The-Flag competition.
  • CyberForce Competition
    • The CyberForce Competition is a cyber defense competition that focuses on the defensive/hardening nature of energy cyber infrastructure.
  • CyberSEED
    • A team competition hosted by the University of Connecticut in partnership with Comcast with 3 sections: Social Engineering, CTF, and Application Security
  • Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition
    • An inherit-and-defend style competitions between school teams. Starts with area qualifiers, then regional competitions, then a national competition.
  • National Cyber League
    • An individual or team CTF which hosts multiple practice and competitive events throughout the year.
  • NSA CodeBreaker Challenge
    • Challenge hosted by the National Security Agency.
  • Panoply
    • A network defense competition.
  • Trail of Bits
    • Resource with videos, links to other resources, and workshops mainly revolving around CTF


Obtaining these certifications is a great way to learn and prove skills implemented in our club and in the outside world. They also make great resume builders. 
  • Red Hat Certifications
    • Red Hat has some of the most popular certification programs out there. These certs range from basic to very advanced and have a high level of prestige for any who posses them. 
  • CompTIA Security Certifications
    • The CompTIA Security+ Certification is globally recognized by corporations and governments alike. It is focused specifically on security, rather than System Administration.
  • Amazon Web Services Certification
    • Amazon AWS is a very popular system used for hosting virtual machines in the cloud which is widely implemented around the world.

Training Resources:

These websites are great for learning material we use in CyberWVU and competitions the club competes in:
  • OverTheWire: Wargames
    • OverTheWire is a great for learning Bash terminal. This is the gateway to beginner Linux System Administration training, which is important for Linux Security. 
  • Hack The Box
    • Hack The Box is an online platform allowing you to test your penetration testing skills and exchange ideas and methodologies with other members of similar interests.
  • TryHackMe
    • TryHackMe is a great platform to learn penetration testing. It is very similar to Hack the Box, but it is geared more towards beginners because it offers more hints and walkthroughs.
  • RingZeroTeam Challenges
    • RingZeroTeam is a great resource for learning various sets of technical skills. Check out their site for the full list of challenge categories.
  • Hack This Site!
    • Hack This Site is based on learning Capture-The-Flag type skills. The user is given a list of challenges and is instructed to complete them. It's tough, but don't quit too soon!
  • Security Weekly
    • Security Weekly is a good resource for keeping up with current events in the security world. It's a great security-focused news site, and releases frequent podcasts. 
  • CodeWars
    • CodeWars is a site that contains training curricula for many different languages including python, c++, go, PHP, JavaScript, and others. You can also compete against friends in challenges.
  • Vulnerable By Design
    • VulnHub provides materials allowing anyone to gain practical hands-on experience with digital security, computer applications and network administration tasks.
  • Agoge
    • A series of challenges put out by Praetorian.

Cloud Storage:

Resources we use for storing data:
  • CyberWVU Github
    • Used for convenient cloud storage of code projects, accessible by the command line. Extremely popular with businesses and private individuals alike. 
  • Google Drive
    • With your MIX account assigned to you through WVU, you are granted near-unlimited storage through Google Drive.