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About Us

Who are we?

CyberWVU is a student-run organization focused on encouraging awareness, enhancing knowledge, and preparing students with regards to cybersecurity. We are also large advocates of the development of Free and Open Source Software.

We are involved in many different activities including:
- Outreach Events
-Training Sessions
-Volunteer Tutoring
-Guest Presentations
-Member Presentations
-Open Source Development

Joining CyberWVU also has great benefits for its members:
-Friendly community of people with a similar passion
-Great experience in a wide variety of areas
-Excellent resume builder
-Networking opportunities with real industry professionals
-Better critical thinking skills help with every aspect of life, especially classes
-A truly infinite amount of knowledge to be learned

Who can join CyberWVU?
CyberWVU has members from every corner of the spectrum. There are no major, age, or semester status requirements to join. The only requirements are that you must be a current undergraduate or graduate student at West Virginia University, or an alumni of CyberWVU and have an interest in cybersecurity.

CyberWVU Club Constitution
The CyberWVU Constitution. All club members should be familiar with its contents, as it provides important information about how membership and the club works.
- Constitution